PHP Webhosting

We support PHP from 5.3 to 7.3 !!!

17,00 USD / year
14,50 USD / year
15,00 USD / year
4,99 USD / year
21,00 USD / year
The prices is without 21% VAT.

PHP Webhosting

USD 1.79 /month

PHP Hosting

The prices including 21% VAT.
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Detailed description of services

Automated SSL (LE)

We support automated Let's Encrypt certificates for domain and *.domain

Domain registration

You want to register your domain for future using

PHP From 5.3 To 7.3

8 Version of PHP with realtime preview and switch for your development

Redirection of URL

Redirect to a other domain

E-Mail Service

IMAP/POP, SMTP/SMTPS, and more ..

DNSSEC Services

More domain name system security

The news

14. 04. 2019 New site

We are happy for launch the new website for our PHP 7.x webhosting

04. 01. 2019 PHP 7.3 is available

PHP 7.3 is available